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Artist Fills London Shop with 4,000 Hand-Stitched Fake Foods

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Artist Fills London Shop with 4,000 Hand-Stitched Fake Foods

British artist Lucy Sparrow has stocked an entire corner shop in London with 4,000 hand-stitched goods and fake food made entirely of felt.

Sparrow's corner shop contains pretty much everything you'd find at a typical neighborhood store: chips, canned goods, candy, frozen foods, beer, magazines, newspapers and other goodies. Even the cash register was masterfully made from felt.

The tongue-in-cheek project began as a Kickstarter campaign during which Sparrow raised $18,000. The artist used the money to convert an abandoned shop in Bethnal Green into a vibrant pop-up corner store meant to bring the community together by hosting sewing workshops.

Since Sparrow stitched every item by hand the exhibit took seven months to put together. It will remain open the entire month of August from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. All of the items are available for purchase through The Cornershop website but will stay at the store throughout the exhibit.

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