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What's It Like to Lose Your Taste?

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What's It Like to Lose Your Taste?

Chefs spend their entire days trying to create new ways to excite and delight the palate, considering perfect pairings and unique ways to surprise people who have been eating three times a day for years.

Most of us know what it’s like to savor something truly delicious, unfortunately, it’s not the case for everyone.

Adrian Wellock is a person who lost his sense of taste and in the video below, he describes exactly what its like to eat when you can’t perceive any actual flavors.

Textures are very obvious, of course, but Wellock explains how foods that take a lot of chewing, steak for example, are foods he avoids since losing his taste.

Perhaps the worst part of his story is that he says the loss of taste came on after a common cold and there is no understanding why it happened or if his taste will return.

Take a look at the curious video produced by Great Big Story.

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