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This LEGO May Look Delicious But It's Not For Eating

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This LEGO May Look Delicious But It's Not For Eating
Photo Michal Kulesza

Polish graphic designer Michał Kulesza is passionate about photography, which is lucky given his love of LEGO and edible looking food art.

Taking the childhood favourite of colourful building blocks, LEGO, he has managed to put a fun spin on some everyday favourite foods by tricking the eye into believing they can actually resemble food. 

By constructing fried eggs, sushi, bananas and more delicious foods out of LEGO he manages to re-create those edible moments and capture them on camera.

“It’s all about putting LEGOs in everyday situations,” he tells The Plus. Describing his humour as 'clever' sometimes 'weird' he tries to capture this philosophy in his work.

Questioned by The Plus about what it is that he loves about LEGO he responds:  "I love the unlimited possibilities. You can build absolutely anything. Starting with a simple building all the way to the complex machines that actually work. I think this is the best toy ever made."

See some of his edible looking images here:


All images courtesy of Michał Kulesza

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