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Le Whaf: The Food Cloud Inhaler

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Le Whaf: The Food Cloud Inhaler
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How many times have you ever wished your favorite snack was calorie free? Well, now with the help of David Edwards,  a French scientist and Harvard professor, your wish may become reality.

It's all due to his invention called Le Whaf, a device that allows you to inhale your meal. The way it works is simple. The food is first boiled, strained, then poured into a cauldron-like device. Le Whaf then produces a food cloud that you inhale with a straw. It's a high-tech way of getting a food fix but, hey, at least it's calorie free. 

But Le Whaf isn't the only device trying to capture food smells. Recently, tech giant Sony teamed up with Chinese researchers to produce a small device capable of printing food-scented post cards.

All of these modern inventions beg the question, do you want to smell your food or eat it?

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