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Amazing Latte Art

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Amazing Latte Art

We've all had a coffee that tasted a bit special, one that just seemed a little superior to other blends. For me it's a particular bar in Milan, I know their coffee will always deliver, but I'd be surprised if my next latte was delivered with a piece of art.

Why would that ever happen ? Well a new scene based on latte artists has emerged and they're intent on making the plain frothy tops of lattes a thing of the past. These baristas have been perfecting the techniques required to draw wonderful patterns, designs and pictures in the 40 seconds it takes to pour milk into a cup. The craze is spreading fast and has even spawned it's own terms to describe particular techniques.

There's lots of latte art videos online but we think this one by Sam, Wade and Dean at Urban Bean is quite possibly the best around. There's no trickery, lighting or special camera angles - Just amazing coffee art being made before your eyes.  In their own words: "We battled with a group handle toss, managed to pull a banger dubed the exploding rosie and sam tried to pour the feather flairing phoenix."

No idea what any of that means ? Watch this...


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