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Japanese Kids Love Kyaraben Bento

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Japanese Kids Love Kyaraben Bento
Photo Yoanzhou/Instagram

Forget opening your lunch box to fish out a soggy sandwich and mushy fruit, or braving the school canteen slop. Many kids in Japan are treated to cool little character bentos, or Kyaraben, by their doting parents.

The kyaraben (or charaben) usually take the form of video game or cartoon characters, such as Pokémon, animals and plants, and are made of whatever is to hand, whether it be rice, noodles, bread, sliced meats, seaweed, etc.

According to NPR, there’s actually great cultural pressure on mothers (it’s usually the mothers who make them, as many quit work after having children) to create the best kids bento, and some can spend an inordinate amount of time on them each morning to ensure their child shines at lunchtime.

You'll find some astonishing bento for kids creations over on Instagram (you'll find a short video below too). Perhaps these could provide lunchbox inspiration for all your parents out there, though where you’d find the time to do it (or the patience) we’re not sure.

See more kyaraben food art here



💛Got to catch them all~~ but Pikachu is still sleeping! Quick video how I assembled this sleeping Pikachu bento this morning. Glad I managed to shoot, edit, and rush out of house all in one early morning. ☆Ingredients for pikachu☆ Japanese rice + egg yolk hard boiled for yellow rice Sushi seaweed for eyes and mouth Crabstick for cheeks Angel hair pasta for attachments おはようございます♪ 今日元気ですか?寝たい?エヘヘ ピカチュウのデコ弁を作りました。 よかったら、ビデオをご覧ください。 材料は: ・ご飯+ゆで卵の黃身 ・のり ・カニかまぼこ ・パスタ #ピカチュウ #ポケモン #デコ弁 #キャラフード #キャラ弁 #手作り #かわいい #可愛い #ポケモン弁当 #pikachu #pokemon #pokemonbento #lunchbox #kyaraben #decoben #littlemissbento #charaben #buzzfeedfood #yahoofood #huffposttaste #eyecandysorted #edibleart #thisisinsiderfood#littlemissbento #tablephoto #delistagrammer #kawaii #kawaiifood #料理動画 #料理ビデオ

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