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Designer Kosuke Araki Turns Food Waste Into Bowls

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Designer Kosuke Araki Turns Food Waste Into Bowls

Food waste is a global problem that must be addressed in more ways than one. We've seen supermarkets powered by food waste, artists making tables from stale baguettes but there are many creative ideas still out there.

A prime example is the work of Japanese designer Kosuke Araki who uses food waste from local markets, shops and his own kitchen to create a wide range of tableware. His food waste bowls are entirely crafted from produce, leftover bones and even tea bags. He's also put together a manual called A New Life for Food Waste so you can replicate the results at home.

"By supplying a mould and a booklet which shows how to make use of food waste as a material, I aim to enable users to become makers of their own tableware out of food waste they daily produce. In addition they will become more aware of how much food waste they generate, and begin to think about what they could each do as individuals," Araki explains in his blog.

Take a look at his incredible food waste bowls below and swing by his website to see more:

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