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Behold The 'Knitchen' - A Vintage Kitchen Covered in Yarn

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Behold The 'Knitchen' - A Vintage Kitchen Covered in Yarn

Knitting and crocheting have made a huge comeback in recent years. Ironically, the food world has been responsible for a lot of the fervor thanks to projects like the knitted butchery and foods made out of wool. The latest in wooly food art is this vintage kitchen completely knitted and crocheted by hand.

Dubbed the 'knitchen,' the project required a team of 50 artists and seven long months to complete. You won't find stainless steel appliances here - instead, everything from the kitchen sink and tiled floor to the food on the table (including the jam jars and turkey) were made and/or covered in yarn.

The kitchen was exhibited in the foyer of the Warwick Art Gallery in Warwick, Australia where gallery director Karina Devine explained it was an artistic take on an international phenomenon known as yarn ''bombing.'' 

Take a look at the gorgeous 'knitchen' below:

Via Foodiggity | Junk Culture

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