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Watch Kids Try Coffee For The First Time

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Watch Kids Try Coffee For The First Time
Photo Screen capture via Youtube

Coffee. Just the intoxicating aroma is enough to get us out of bed. The flavor perks up our mornings and gives us energy to face our the day. Yes, we adults love coffee. However, this adorable video of kids tasting coffee for the first time proves children feel otherwise about our prized java.

If this video from the Huffington Post wasn't so funny we'd say it's almost unfair to watch kids make agonizing faces of disgust as they take their first sip of coffee (decaf, by the way). Some squirm, others flinch and many express their dislike with one powerful word: yuck! 

But do any of the kids actually like coffee? Watch to find out! If you'd like this video go watch kids trying gourmet food like caviar for the first time.

Via Huffington Post

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