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Jelly Art with Personality

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Jelly Art with Personality

Jenny van Sommer is a still life photographer who worked alongside Bompas & Parr to create the rather odd video you see below.

Called Jelly Roles, the project i based on the obscure concept that different jellies could display different personalities.

Speaking to Nowness the artist said: ““Jellies all have distinct personalities and everybody relates to a different one. The one on the bottom right is a bit of a shoe-gazer (like me). Then there's the super-extrovert on the top right-hand side. The orange jelly is the person who is always in a good mood. And the brown one is the person at the disco who is standing there and then suddenly gets a burst of energy and really goes for it, then gets embarrassed and stops dancing. He's a bit of a weirdo."

It all sounds a bit out there but the video is certainly fun to watch.

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