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James Ostrer’s Nightmarish Food Art

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James Ostrer’s Nightmarish Food Art
Photo James Ostrer/Instagram

James Ostrer has a complicated relationship with food: for his 2014 series Wotsit All About, he covered friends and family with confectionary to produce a series of nightmarish portraits in child-friendly colours. It was, he admits, an attempt to cure his fast food addiction.

Now, the London–based artist has pushed the boundaries of taste even further with a new set of images in which he mimics an assortment of much maligned celebrities, including Donald Trump and Miley Cyrus, by draping himself with raw meat and fish. The Ego System, which can be seen at Gazelli Art House in London from 15 September to 30 October, is an unnerving critique of the current state of the meat industry, as well as a lampooning of the cult of celebrity.

“The same kind of formula for profit used to sell confectionery has been extrapolated and propelled within the meat industry. It’s no longer about feeding people,” Ostrer told The Observer. Trump’s (top) face for instance is made of raw fish, with sheep’s eyes, a pig’s snout and a croissant for a mouth.

Check out more on James Oster's website, but please, don’t have nightmares.


EF 137 (2014) - extremely excited that another one of these little babies is heading to New York City....

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What: The Ego System

When: 15 September – 30 October

Where: Gazelli Art House, 39 Dover St, London W1S 4NN

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