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How to Boil an ipad

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How to Boil an ipad
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Imagine this, the ipad 3 has launched, the shops are beginning to stock it and like any hardcore Macite you only have one thing on your mind - upgrading.
But what do you do with your previous ipad ?

You could sell it, give it to a less technologically advanced colleague, share with your spouse or maybe keep it as a reminder of all the memories you shared together. The night you watched your first movie, the weekend you both cooked, the time she reminded you not to miss that important meeting. 

The relationship many people now form with electronic devices can be very strong, which is why this video comes as such a shock. It's quite possibly one of the oddest vids online at the moment and shows a German TV presenter choosing to boil his ipad. We'll say that again - boil his ipad.

The video is in German but it seems that the whole act is purely to see what happens when an ipad reaches boiling point. Given credit it lasts a lot longer than we expected and seems fairly resistant to water damage. We don't recomend trying it in the kitchen anytime sooon.

Cooking an ipad brings a whole new catergory of video recipes to the web but this video isn't strong enough to change the meaning of the term 'apple crumble'. It does however conjure a number of vivid images whenever anyone talks about 'cooking apps' at FDL HQ.

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