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The Reality Behind Bloggers' 'Perfect Kitchen' Instagram Pictures Revealed

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The Reality Behind Bloggers' 'Perfect Kitchen' Instagram Pictures Revealed

Who said the camera never lies? Here's a fun series of photos from Wren kitchens that highlight what is really happening behind all those beautifully eloquent (cropped) shots we see on Instagram and the picture perfect personal blogs we covet.

Teaming up with five bloggers (and parents) the kitchen company devised a novel ad campaign in the perception vs reality series in the aptly entitled 'A kitchen lived in,' where each blogger captured the very real, less than 'show home' scenes happening outside of the perfect Instagram shot.

Kitchen spillages, toddler tantrums and general untidiness being just a few of the daily kichen nightmares forcing the blogger and home baker to navigate their way around the mess without letting on.

Whilst there is usually no hint of the kitchen chaos behind the carefully pointed camera lens, these are the shots we can all relate to, far more than the perfect Instagram muffins, and pretty much an accurate description of how most of our family kitchens look mid or post bake.

See the insightful photos below and for the lowdown on what was really happening read each blogger's struggle with perfection over at Wrens kitchens.

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