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Food Becomes a la mode in these Instagram Sketches from Gretchen Röehrs

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Food Becomes a la mode in these Instagram Sketches from Gretchen Röehrs

Both fashionista and chef? Then here's the Instagram account for you that manages to combine the two.

Gretchen Röehrs' instagram account, @groehrs, has attracted over 60,000 thousand fans for her stand out stylish designs with the illustrator's work even being picked up by leading fashion magazine Harpers Bazaar.

The San Francisco based fashion illustrator's account is a treat of whimsical pen and ink sketches dressed up with fresh fruit or vegetables. A dress doubles up as a cabbage, a sarong doubles up as a banana skin, or a couture creation turns out to be an artichoke.

Asked by Harpers Bazaar about the parallels between food and fashion Gretchen responded."There are tremendous parallels between food and fashion. Both really cater to the visual sense, but it's just as important that they have a pleasing texture. Fashion is a lot like cooking in that you can make up for average ingredients or fabrics with beautiful execution and care."

Discover more "gourmet couture" from Gretchen on her instagram profile.


If this style of food art appeals to you check out some more light hearted sketches from Diego Cusano where everyday food takes on unusual positions in amusing sketches.

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