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Edgar Artis Fashions Frocks out of Food

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Edgar Artis Fashions Frocks out of Food
Photo Edgar Artis_Instagram

Armenian fashion illustrator Edgar Artis is living out his food fantasies on his hugely popular Instagram site crafting evening dresses armed with paper, pens and food scraps.

Bridal gowns fashioned out of salt and evening dresses made of whipped cream and sweets, strawberries and butter probably won't last the night but they certainly look good enough to get decked out in.

Edgar interacts with his community of followers on facebook asking them to suggest what should be his next material of choice faced with a blank sheet of paper. With nearly 145,000 followers he's doing something right with his fantasy food frocks with some attracting several thousand 'likes'.

He's not the first to have fun with food and frocks, we've also covered the fun work of Gretchen Roehrs gourmet couture picked up by fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar.

For more food themed haute couture visit Artis' Instagram site.

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