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Sweden's Stunning Ice Hotel In Pictures

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Sweden's Stunning Ice Hotel In Pictures

From December to April, a remote town in Sweden becomes the hottest destination in Europe. Travelers seeking a unique experience make the pilgrimage to the village of Jukkasjärvi for the sole purpose of staying at its famous Icehotel.

Named one of the Seven Wonders of Sweden, the hotel has been running for 25 years. Each year, a group of artists and sculptors redesign the hotel from scratch. It's an architectural marvel with ornate carvings etched on the walls, blocks of ice that double as beds complete with reindeer-skin blankets to keep guests warm.

The Icehotel also has quite a nightlife thanks to its unique Icebar, which as you may have already guessed is a bar carved out of a block of ice. The Icebar concept has become so popular it has been exported to cities like Tokyo and Barcelona.

So what's it like to sleep in this ice kingdom? The hotel website assures the inside will never be colder than -7ºC (19.4F). “Before going to bed, you dress warmly in thermal underwear, pull your hat down over your ears and slide into your sleeping bag on a bed built by ice blocks,” the website explains. Luckily, hotel employees offer guests a survival course after checking in.

Feast your eyes on these stunning images from Icehotel #25. For information on reservations, swing by the hotel website.

Via My Modern Met | The Coolist

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