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Food Crimes Against Ice Cream

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Food Crimes Against Ice Cream
Photo © Benny Gam Zo Letova

If you thought you were going to sit back and indulge in decadent ice cream images in all their soothing, sweet and sugar–coated glory ... think again.

This is the disturbing 'Food Crime Against Ice Cream' series of ice cream art on a stick images, ranging from spiky to scaly coatings, that you probably never wanted to imagine, from food photographer Benny Gam Zo Letova.

The artist admits to embarking on the unusual project inspired by the question, 'is everything with a stick in it considered ice cream?' 

The result is a successful montage of the popular childhood treat in unusual guises, which makes us think twice about sinking our teeth into an ice cream stick sprouting fungi, let alone dipped in fur in place of chocolate.

Each image took an hour to create reports DesignTaxi, as well as showing a cool video on how the photographer went about meticulously handcrafting and photographing each of the unappealing flavours.

Here are some of the resulting ice cream food crimes photos below, head to Letova's website for more ice cream art.

Would you consider a meat popsicle a more appetising treat?


via DesignTaxi

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