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Amazing Hyperrealistic Art by Mike Dargas

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Amazing Hyperrealistic Art by Mike Dargas
Photo Mike Dargas

Lately, it seems honey has become a great medium for food art. We've seen gorgeous photographs of honey-covered people and now Cologne-based artist Mike Dargas is wowing us with hyperrealist art of women drenched in the sweet stuff.

Dargas, whose been painting since he was a kid, is especially skilled at transferring photographs onto a canvas. His most recent oil-based paintings stunningly capture every drop of honey that trickles down his models' faces and seem impossibly realistic.

"Inspired by Dali, Caravaggio and HR Giga Mike begins to focus on surrealism and realism. His works show the picture of people, painted realistically in oil on canvas. The precise technique gives, like a photography, a snapshot of the moment. The artist studies his motifs with such intensity, that each portrait pictures a profile of increasing intimate closeness," according to the artist's bio.

Take a look at Dargas' hyperrealistic art below then swing by his website to see more awe-inspiring paintings.

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