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Hyperrealistic Artist Keeps us Guessing with His Lifelike Images

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Hyperrealistic Artist Keeps us Guessing with His Lifelike Images

Culinary artists never stop surprising us. After all the paintings and sweet treats of the Russian artist Olga Moskaleva, it's now the turn of the Dutch painter Tjalf Sparnaay to impress us with his hyperrealistic paintings of food.

Not only does Sparnaay seem to be ingenious at capturing the tactile lifelikeness of his tasty looking subjects, he is also capable of doing it on an enourmous scale.

Sparnaay calls the style of work "Megarealism," forming "part of the contemporary global art movement of Hyperrealism" in which Sparnaay is now one of the key players, having been working on his technique for almost three decades.

"My paintings are intended to enable the viewer to experience reality once again, to rediscover the essence of the object that has become so common. I wish to reduce it to the DNA of the universal structure in all its beauty. I call it ‘the beauty of the everyday," Sparnaay adds on his website.

Admire the beauty of his perfectly depicted burger, sandwich and fried egg below, so mouth–wateringly accurate it will make you wish it was breakfast time all over again.

All images courtesy of Tjalf Sparnaay.

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