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Talented Baker Makes Human Heart Cake For Valentine's Day

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Talented Baker Makes Human Heart Cake For Valentine's Day
Photo Screen capture via YouTube

Celebrated Toronto baker Yolanda Gampp wanted to put a spin on Valentine's Day so she came up with a realistic human heart cake that celebrates the broken hearted.

With bulging veins and arteries all covered in 'blood' the human heart cake is not your typical Valentine's Day gift but we're pretty sure someone like a cardiologist may love it.

This delicacy is actually a red velvet cake with a chocolate ganache center all covered in pink fondant painted with a glossy red color that looks like blood. 

Gampp, who runs two cake shops and the website How to Cake It, shares all her special tips and tricks in the YouTube video below. Get the full recipe here and if this cake seems too laborious you can always pick up a delicious chocolate heart instead.

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