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The right way to eat corn on the cob

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The right way to eat corn on the cob

We can all agree that corn on the cob is absolutely delicious but a nightmare to eat. From it slipping and sliding to biting into it, there's really no graceful way to eat corn on the cob.

That was until now...

Twitter user @xxlfunny1 posted a video showing a guy who is clearly living in the future while we're still in 2018. 


This life hack could change the way we eat corn of the cob forever and avoid the horrid feeling of getting the corn kernels stuck in your teeth; all you need is a skewer stick. Simple pierce a row of kernels with your skewer and lift it up. The corn should come off seamlessly and mess free.

If you want to strip the kernels quickly and simultaneously for sweetcorn soup or cornbread, try a corn twister.

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