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Real vs Commercial: How Food is Faked

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Real vs Commercial: How Food is Faked

We’ve all sat and drooled at amazing looking food on TV. Just think of the beautiful supermarket adverts from the likes of Marks & Spencers, slow-motion marshmallows falling from the sky like sweet clouds, fluffy pancakes buoyantly bouncing before being drenched in thick, clear and perfectly poured syrup. Well, we hate to tell you this, but it’s a lie. All of it! 

The video below, produced by Blossom, explains how food videos are filmed, how that perfect steam is captured and why that syrup you love so much might actually be motor oil.

Some of the tricks, steamy tampon behind the burger, are well known, while others, sneaky waffle partitions between pancakes, are actually quite surprising.

The burger makeover is definitely revealing as to why the burger in your box never resembles the one on the pictures above your head. They brush on olive oil for extra sheen and use wedges for added height. We've heard of plating food, but in many cases this is painting food. 

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