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Ever Wondered How Your Can of Beer is Made?

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Ever Wondered How Your Can of Beer is Made?

Have you ever wondered why cans are shaped the way they are? Why aren’t they square? Why the rounded bottom on your beer? You probably haven’t thought about it until now but there’s actually a few reasons behind the cans shape.

This video from the Engineer Guy goes into detail about cans, over 10 minutes on it and as out of the blue as it may all sound, it’s a really interesting topic once he gets going.

On top of explaining why the can is shaped the way that it is the video also goes into detail about how cans are actually made, beginning as a disc of metal that is then formed into the shape we all know.

Take a look at the video and impress your friends the next time they give you a can of beer by explaining why it’s shaped the way it is.

There's also this artistic video that shows you how beer is made. 

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