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Man Proposes To Girlfriend With 1,001 Hot Dogs

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Man Proposes To Girlfriend With 1,001 Hot Dogs
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Most people associate romance with chocolate and flowers but a lovestruck man in China decided frankfurters were a better way to profess his love. Thus, the 28-year old Romeo dropped down on bended knee and asked his girlfriend to marry him with 1,001 hot dogs.

Mr. Wang's proposal by was well received by his girlfriend, Ms. Chen, who empathically said yes. The number of hot dogs and buns represented the amount of days the couple had known each other, according to the Chengdu Evening News.

Mr. Wang pulled off the stunt with the help of a hot dog sponsor. The symbolism behind the franks? That still remains a mystery. You got to hand it to him, though, at least he had a little more creativity than popping the question with cupcakes.

What do you think? Was this a romantic marriage proposal? Are hot dogs the way to your heart?

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