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A Honeycomb Teapot

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A Honeycomb Teapot

The huge honeycomb teapot you see above is the work of artist Tomáš Gabzdil Libertíny who harnessed the power of 60,000 bees to create his work.

Libertíny created a metal framework of the teapot before allowing the bees to form their comb around it.

Speaking about the work, Libertíny said: “I have been always amazed by the power of nature and its epic force that drives forward slowly but steadily. The ‘made by bees’ project allowed me to plug in to this source and guide it to create a mythology as well as a proposal.

“The title of the work ‘Thousand Years’ is not only reflecting the amazing materials properties—beeswax can literally last thousands of years—but also the scale of human life in the face of the apparent eternity of the universe.”

"Thousand Years" by Tomas Libertiny from Studio Libertiny on Vimeo.

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