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Giant Bagels Take to the Streets of New York

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Giant Bagels Take to the Streets of New York

Forget the big apple, and bring on the big bagels.

A new food installation of giant proportions has arrived on the sidewalks of Hudson River Park and Ruth Wittenberg Plaza in New York. Entitled ‘Everything’, the art exhibit, consisting of stacks of giant bagels fashioned as temporary vases, is the brainchild of Swedish artist and long term New York resident, Hanna Liden.

Liden cast these super-size bagels in tribute to the 'great icon of urban living’, designboom report. After casting (see video below) the colossal bagels have been carefully stacked in busy urban areas around the city to elicit reactions from passers-by. And they seem to have achived just that judging from results captured on camera below.

For artist Liden the bagel is more than just a delicious doughy ring, but a symbolic metaphor for the city itself, ‘the bagel – a circle with no beginning and no end – is evocative of the eternal cycle of city life' she tells Designboom.

If you're wondering about the darker undertones on the bagels it's not charring from a hot oven, but infact reflection of another city element. The black spray paint is 'a romantic tribute to the darkness and grime, which are essential and beautiful characteristics of our city,’ Liden reflects.

For details of the exhibition and more infomation head over to designboom.

A passer by stops to photograph the bagel stack.

The bagels attracting interest from passers by.

Close up it's easy to the the texture of the urban bagel along with the darkness and city grime.

See how the giant exhibition was created in this fascinating clip:

Via Design Boom

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