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Guy Fakes Allergy in Restaurant, Instantly Regrets It!

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Guy Fakes Allergy in Restaurant, Instantly Regrets It!

Everyone seems to have an allergy or an intolerance to something these days and it can make life in the kitchen more difficult when you have to accede to customers’ requests at busy times. There's also the rise of the fake allergy, which some customers use because they're on a particular diet. It drives chefs crazy and makes things more difficult for the real allergy sufferers out there.

Here’s a post from Reddit about a young man who tried to fake an allergy to onions in order to get freshly-made guacamole only to end up having to shell out $500 in Accident & Emergency.

This guy tries to impress his date by claiming he has a severe allergy to onions. He’d heard somewhere that if you order fries without salt, they have to make a fresh batch for you so he tried it with the guacamole. However, the waitress forgets to tell the chef to remove onions from the rest of the food, which he starts to eat. 

"When I got my dish, I took about 2-3 bites and the waitress came running to me frantically saying that there are onions in the food!! She thought it was her fault for not mentioning it to the chefs. I didnt know how to react so I just kind of dropped the food from my mouth and into the plate. Her superior walks in during this time and he's asking if everything is ok so I tell him that I forgot to mention not to put onions and that I have a severe allergy."

The first thing the manager does is apologize profusely and then ask if he should call an ambulance. The manager won't listen to his attempts to pass the whole thing off and insists on driving him to the hospital to make sure he's OK. So there he is, 25-years-old having to pay $500 medical expenses for no good reason all because he faked an allergy, 
"Another nurse came up to me to take my vitals and the doctor asked what was wrong and I had to sheepishly tell him, 'I think I might have been having an allergic reaction'. He says, 'Are you allergic to anything?' And I go 'No'."
"He gave me a benadryl and sent me out. I then spent another $25 to Uber home. I told what happened to my friend and she said I was the worst kind of asshole. I learned my lesson and will never pretend to have an allergy again."
Read the full story below. 


TIFU by lying about an allergy at a restaurant and ending up in the emergency room from r/tifu
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