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What To Do With A New Apple iPad? Grill It, Or On It!

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What To Do With A New Apple iPad? Grill It, Or On It!

They say there are many ways to skin a cat, but how many ways are there for cooking an iPad? Yes, you read correctly: cooking an iPad.

We have already seen what happens when you boil an iPad, but what happens when you grill one? Two American barbecue lovers, who host their own web cooking show, set out to find out just how tasty a grilled iPad can be.

The founders of Pork Barrel BBQ in Virginia fired up their grill and cooked a brand new iPad to medium rare for their web series Can You Grill It?  A new iPad costs anywhere from $500 to $800, which makes this video all the more shocking. Who knows what the next cooked iPad delicacy will be?

If you can't bear to grill your iPad, you can come close with Grillmeister HD, a cooking app that let's you grill on your iPad. 

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