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The Sound of Snacking - Christmas Music Played with Sweets

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The Sound of Snacking - Christmas Music Played with Sweets

After bringing you a great video last week of a supermarket checkout suddenly springing into musical life, we’re back with another great mix, this time of a group of people playing a Christmas song with their favourite snacks.

The video is made by the snack producer Grico who invited a room full of happy people to choose and eat their favourite sweets. From here the audio has been recorded and edited to produce a wonderfully rhythmic version of Jingle Bells.

There’s some obvious camera trickery in producing the video as people start to pop up all over the screen, each adding their own musical note to the composition.

It’s not the first time music and food have been combined, it actually seems that Christmas encourages these musical moments - this time last year we were wowed by the grocery store in London that came to life and played songs for customers.

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