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The Ramsay Rap

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The Ramsay Rap

A new video has been posted on YouTube that appears to show the celebrity TV chef, Gordon Ramsay, rapping about chicken - but not everything is as it seems.

The chef, famous for his foul mouthed kitchen rants, restaurants all over the world and his judging on the worldwide TV show Masterchef, appears to stand in a London street while rapping about the virtues of deep fried chicken - all while wearing his iconic chef whites.

However it doesn't take the most astute eye to work out that the video is in fact an impersonator - a Gordon Ramsay lookalike from London called Martin Jordon.

Most sites online are reporting that the video was created as a KFC advert but this is not the case. It was filmed for a British music TV show, The Crush, which airs on Channel 4 and is in fact sponsored by KFC - this is why the orignal clip was posted on their YouTube channel.

No matter who filmed it and whatever the intended purpose, with quality lines such as, "On Monday it's breasts on Tuesdays it's thighs. But why would I eat it if it wasn't deep fried," we think chicken wraps may be off the menu at Ramsay's for a while.


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