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Gordon Ramsay Pay Back Prank

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Gordon Ramsay Pay Back Prank

We’ve all got used to seeing chef Gordon Ramsay berate incompetent chefs on his television shows, he’s made his reputation on his quick, sharp and often angry remarks. It’s for all these reasons and more that this next video is such a treat.

For once the tables have been turned on the loud mouthed chef after the British hosts Ant & Dec played a fairly elaborate prank on Ramsay while he was filming the latest series of the American Master Chef.

Dressed as two blundering builders, Juan & Juan, Ant & Dec set about ruining Ramsay’s day. First by making noise on set whenever he tries to speak his line and then by accosting his bathroom, leaving a sweaty burrito on his mobile phone and breaking down the door to his private dressing room.

Ramsay’s a good sport when he eventually finds out what’s happening but looks like he might blow near the end of the prank when one of the guys asks him if it’s ok to take a photo.

Watch the video below.

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