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Customer Requests Drive Chef Crazy

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Customer Requests Drive Chef Crazy
Photo Screengrab/YouTube

Here’s a hilarious spoof video from Above Average, set inside a restaurant kitchen, as a tyrannical head chef goes about demoting tickets based on feedback about the guests from front of house. Eight way credit card split on the bill? Get to the back of the line. A well-done steak? You’ve got to be kidding – back of the queue.

What really gets our chef going though is a cilantro allergy. How would he feel about these 18 things that drive chefs crazy, we wonder? When he’s not sure what to do our chef turns to a small picture of Anthony Bourdain, who he refers to as 'master,' on the pass for guidance. 

This video has been floating around for a while and we're sure if you've ever worked in a professional kitchen, you'll recognise an element of truth in it. 

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