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Former Butcher Produces Tomato Wine

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Former Butcher Produces Tomato Wine
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The next great glass of wine you enjoy may not come from grapes at all. Instead, it may be produced from tomatoes picked right out of the garden. 

Tomato wine is a reality thanks to Pascal Miche, a former pork butcher from Quebec, who dedicates his time and energy into producing a wine-like drink called Omerto Aperitif Tomato Wine. His 'wines' are made from yellow and black cherry tomatoes grown in Charlevoix, about 249 miles from Montreal, mixed with a sprinkle of sugar.

It may sound like sacrilege to a wine lover, after all the very definition of wine involves grapes, but Pascal is is taking some creative freedom and defines his products as ''aperitif wines.'' The tomato wines are produced following traditional vinification methods and contain 10% alcohol.

Omerto Aperitif Tomato Wine is getting rave reviews. It has been described as being ''slightly fruity'' with no tomato undertone. Producing this unique wine is a tradition that's been part of Pascal's family for four generations. Watch the video below to learn more.

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