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Artist Creates Amazing 'Forbidden Fruit'

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Artist Creates Amazing 'Forbidden Fruit'
Photo Kyle Bean & Aaron Tilley

Spiky pears. Barbwire bananas. Razor sharp apples. Biting into a juicy fruit turns into a dangerous affair in the hands of designer Kyle BeanIn his latest project called Forbidden Fruit he reinvents Adam and Eve's sinful fruit and elevates it to an art form.

Bean specializes in the " whimsical and meticulous reappropriation of everyday materials" and worked alongside photographer Aaron Tilly and stylist David Bradley to created these tongue-in-cheek images. Their work was featured in the food and culture journal The Gourmand

Take a look at Bean's work below and swing by his website to learn more about his quirky masterpieces. If you enjoy amazing food photography, you can't miss the deconstructed fruit of Florent Tanet

Via Kyle Bean

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