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Food Trick: Red Cabbage = Green Eggs

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Food Trick: Red Cabbage = Green Eggs

Did you know that red cabbage can act as a PH indicator? Juices from the vegetable will actually change color depending on whether it's mixed with an acid or alkaline - a great trick and one that can quickly help you create a batch of green eggs at home.

This video from Jamie Oliver's Food Tube channel shows you exactly how to have a healthy serving of science for breakfast.

Taking an egg white which is alkaline and mixing it with red cabbage juice - simply extracted using water, a bowl, a cabbage and a microwave - will quickly turn the once purple juice into a strong blue / green color.

All you then have to do is cook the white and add the yolk back into the pan and you have some all natural green eggs.

The video also shows what happens when the red cabbage juice is mixed with acid, in this case a lemon.

It's a great food trick to play around with at home but we're not sure if it can rival the hugely popular milk trick that sees a simple plate of milk become a twirling mix of colors.

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