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Watch the Food Surgeon Repair a Liquorice Artery

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Watch the Food Surgeon Repair a Liquorice Artery
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We introduced you to the hypnotic videos of the mysterious Food Surgeon earlier in the year. In his clips the anonymous YouTuber can be seen dissecting a garlic bulb, implanting one chocolate bar into another and extracting tiny strawberry seeds from the fruit, all with a surgeon’s precision.

In the latest video, the Food Surgeon can be seen removing a confectionary blockage (in the form of a Nerd) from a sweet liquorice twist 'artery,' before patching it up with more confectionary (a Fruit Roll-Up). Then what does he do with the newly repaired tube? Uses it as a straw to suck up a whole glass of what looks like red wine in one go.

Steady hand

We’re glad the Food Surgeon is operating on our favourite confectionary rather than our more highly valued internal organs – in another video we see the (qualified?) medic mixing up an old fashioned in the operating theatre. He seems to have a steady hand though...

Watch more food autopsy, transplant, operation and dissection videos over on his YouTube channel.

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