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A Levitating Caprese Salad

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A Levitating Caprese Salad

Two years ago 18-year-old Kris Bronner set out to make the world's first levitating food, his focus? Tomato sauce.

The young scientist says that since starting the project he's tried many techniques. He's filled sheets of leather ketchup with helium - didn't work - and tried to float a crystallised ketchup boat in a tank of gas - also didn't work. Infact, all the young scientits previous attempts to make the worlds first levitating food form have  failed, until now. That's because his latest research led him to visit the Argonne National Laboratory to take a look at a very interesting new technique.

Called, acoustic levitation, the idea involves balancing small particles of liquid in between sound waves. The resulting effect is that the particles appear to float as if by magic.

We've already discussed the concept before at FDL HQ and we were excited then to find out what appliances the technology may have in the food world. Now, Bronner has used the technology to make the world's first ever floating caprese salad.

In the video below you can see how Kris took some salt, some mozzarella wrapped in a crystallised ketchup material, some balsamic vinegar and some basil oil. These ingredients were then placed in the machine one by one allowing each of them to float on top of each other,  voilà, you have the world's first floating caprese salad. We just wonder how long it will be before the likes of Grant Achatz get hold of one of these bad boys for their restaurant.

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