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22 Times Customers Just Wanted a Real Plate

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22 Times Customers Just Wanted a Real Plate


We’ve all got our pet peeves when it comes to food plating, but when salad gets served in a champagne glass, pizza comes to the table on a tyre, or monstrous desserts are perched on top of mason jars, we know that restaurants have gone just a little bit too far. 

At FDL HQ we always like to check-in on our Reddit groups to see what’s got people talking (apparently The New Yorker is also with us on this) and out of the million or so discussion forums on the site, We Want Plates takes the pie when we are out for a few good laughs. The good old steak on a chalkboard can bride us at most, but some of the other 'creative’ plating techniques employed by food venues can just be outright wrong - and disgusting. 

Over 385,000 subscribers are on this popular forum with the tagline “crusading against serving food on bits of wood and roof tiles, chips in mugs and drinks in jam jars,” and we’re definitely with them on these dubious food presentation techniques. 

Here are 22 times when food plating went horribly wrong. 

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Caviar served on a cauliflower (not meant to eat) on a bed of fake grass in a wooden box. from r/WeWantPlates


Beef on a shovel from r/WeWantPlates


Polenta poured directly on the table 🤢 Because who needs sanitation anyway.. from r/WeWantPlates


Feel bad for the dishwasher - Scallops wrapped in Prosciutto from r/WeWantPlates


“Modern take on Peppermint Patty” is just minty cotton candy from r/WeWantPlates


Why have a bread plate when you can have a bread rock? [Rech - Intercontinental Hong Kong] from r/WeWantPlates


Fruit leather leaves stuffed with some kind of fish. We were told 'don't eat the branches' from r/WeWantPlates


This espresso martini served in a lightbulb on a martini glass from r/WeWantPlates


Potatoes and sausage... in a jar ? from r/WeWantPlates


Afternoon tea on a bookcase from r/WeWantPlates


Just go ahead and dump my shrimp all over some empty beer cans please from r/WeWantPlates


Shrimp a la cart from r/WeWantPlates


Arancini balls served on a wooden tray filled with wheat. from r/WeWantPlates


Wings at a bar served on a skateboard from r/WeWantPlates


Mmmm, prison style Southern grits. Right off that cold hard tray. from r/WeWantPlates


From now on I'd like all my food on a tree pedestal from r/WeWantPlates


Nachos in a Dog Bowl from r/WeWantPlates


Grilled cheese on a donut with tomato soup - Clinton Hall, NYC from r/WeWantPlates


Nachos just rolling in from r/WeWantPlates


Croquettes de zapatos from r/WeWantPlates


Hmm.. from r/WeWantPlates


Well this is a first... from r/WeWantPlates


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