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Striking Symmetry out of Sweets and Strange Objects

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Striking Symmetry out of Sweets and Strange Objects

Cristina Burns, a photographer and mixed media artist, has produced a new collection of stunning photos entitled Phosphene.

Kaleidoscopic candy coloured images contrast with black backgrounds in a series of ten carefully orchestrated photos. What look like inanimate objects creating the colourful symmetrical images are actually carefully placed flowers, candies and other strange items.

Upon even closer inspection the apparantly delicate objects hint at the surreal, with insects planted in marshmallows and lollipops stuck in with the moon amongst other random objects.

According to Fubiz the precise circular shape of each image is thanks to a mirror effect of compositions similar to mandalas. Mandala being loosely translated as 'circle' in classical Sanskrit and a term for a pattern that represents the greater cosmos.

Burns website confesses to a penchant for creating elements that affect and stimulate the subconscious of the viewer with much of her previous works using food and toys to create the surreal and contraversial.

She currently lives and works in Italy, immersed in a world of her preferred work materials; candies, little monsters, and toys.

Have a look at a selection of her work below and head over to Cristina Burns website to check out more.

via Fubiz

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