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Crack, Melt and Peel - The Future of Food Packaging

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Crack, Melt and Peel - The Future of Food Packaging

The picture you see above shows a look at the potential future of food packaging and some of the presented are very exciting.

The designs come from the creative studio Tomorrow Machine who, with their series ‘This Too Shall Pass’, have envisaged a new way of looking at food packaging.

A rice package made with biodegradable beeswax, a smoothie packed in a gel made from agar-agar, one oil based packed that can be melted away with water.

As we start to focus more and more on our food waste, it’s only natural that we do the same with products our food is packaged in. This project asks why certain products that have a shelf life of less than a month arrive in packaging that takes years to degrade.

You can see more below.

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