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The Fast Food Remix

By FDL on

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The Fast Food Remix

Ever told never to play with your food when you were a child? Well, we break that rule a lot at FDL and constantly find examples of exceptions to the rule that playing with food is a bad thing.

Take the wine glass orchestra for example made up of 10 musicians who all manage all wine as if it's an instrument, or the great food designer       who makes entire landscapes from playing with food. They all make great art using food and drink.

There's even this fast food song created by Jessica and Aurélien which consists of a song composed entirely out of sounds made from a fast food dinner of burger and fries.

Dried hamburger drum, soda pop violin, french fry pan flute, and salt shaker all combine to make a song and video that are definitely a little different to the music videos usually on offer today.

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