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Relaxing Food Mobiles

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Relaxing Food Mobiles

We've all seen a mobile - maybe as art, maybe as a way to keep a child distracted in bed - however you've seen one, it's highly unlikely you stood and marveled at the psychics making them work.

However, when the idea was first put forward of making a kinetic sculpture with many rods holding different weighted objects that would somehow balance and somehow float around with air or battery power - the idea seemed a tad strange.

It was the sculpture Alexander Calder who eventually created the first working mobiles and many at the time would literally stare in wonderment at objects being moved by seemignly invisible forces.

As a homage to Calder and his work two Swedish designers, Carl and Evalina Kleiner, have created their own series of kinetic sculptures using food. From eggs to marshmallows the pair have recreated the relaxing beauty of mobiles using everyday ingredients and the video below shows just how beautiful they are.

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