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Got Milk? Wear It!

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Got Milk? Wear It!
Photo Qmilch

Milk has always been a chameleon. The protein rich drink lives on as yogurt, creams, fermented beverages and cheese. Now, milk is crossing the frontier as an edible good into a wearable one.

Qmilch is a German company that has developed technology that allows for milk to be converted into a textile fabric. That means that aside from drinking your milk, you can wear it. The fabric is soft and comfortable and suitable for people with sensitive skin.

We've featured edible fashion before - some designers have gone as far as creating a dress out of 50,000 gummy bears - but Qmilch is a different type of philosophy. It's not about eating your dress, it is about making natural fabrics out of food in a sustainable way. Qmilch uses spoiled milk that is not fit for human consumption and creates zero waste in the process.

Qmilch's philosophy is similar to the one followed by Austrailian researchers who created a fermented fabric from wine. With all this new technology, we wonder what the next edible fashion will be. What food would you like to wear?

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