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Designer Creates Fruit-Scented Dresses

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Designer Creates Fruit-Scented Dresses
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When New Zealand designer Samantha Murray wanted to revolutionize the fashion world, she turned to food as inspiration. She's hardly the first designer to do so, others have created dresses made of milk to fabric made from wine, but what Samantha ended up crafting was something very unique: dresses made out of fruit-scented liquids.

Each fruity piece of couture is created using Fiberform, a liquid solution that binds fibers. Samantha pours Fiberform into hand-crafted molds and pops out each piece when it sets. The pieces are then welded together, forming a paper-like dress that keeps its shape regardless of who wears it. 

Samantha says this method for creating fabric allows for zero waste, minimal raw-material use and a shortened construction process. Other eco-friendly designers have expressed the same concern for sustainability and have created exciting new fashion, like this gelatin and seaweed fabric by young designer Emily Crane.

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