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Food Design: Is This A Scale or Lamp?

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Food Design: Is This A Scale or Lamp?
Photo Junji Kawabe

This unique lamp by Malaysian designer Junji Kawabe is a little out of this world. Designed as a functional scale, the lamp gets brighter as items placed on it increase in weight.

The concept is actually called ''lamp=weight'' lamp and was exhibited at Tokyo Designers Week back in 2010. Not too shabby for a designer who began his career as an aerospace engineer in Japan.

The pictures below  (and the one above) will give you a good indication of just how bright the lamp can get. Bananas? They give off medium-high light. A coffee cup? Not such great light. An encyclopedic tome? That lights up the room in no time!

Interested in groovy lamps? Then you can't miss this lamp made from chocolate.

Via Design Boom

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