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'AbsorbPlate' Tackles Excess Oil on the Plate

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'AbsorbPlate' Tackles Excess Oil on the Plate

Did you know that Thailand has the second highest rate of obesity in Southeast Asia?

Neither did we until we picked up on the Thai Health Promotion Foundation's attempts to reverse the problem with several initiatives, one of these being the distribution of some very special plates.

The food design project giving a helping hand is called 'AbsorbPlate', a new kind of dish that helps separate, or absorb, excess oil from greasy or fried food served on it.


Each plate can absorb up to 7ml, or 30 calories, of oil, into the 500 small holes dotted around the dish, allowing the diner to tuck into a delicious Pad Thai or incredible King Crab, slightly more grease-free.

The theory being, the less oil swallowed, the more the belts can be tightened on an nation's increasing waistline. 

In what might seem a small step to combat cholesterol and fat, and in the long run perhaps even obesity, the Thai Health Foundation seems optimistic. The dish is just one tool to help the population eat better and healthier.

And what about the dish we hear you cry? Is it thrown away? Absolutely not: AbsorbPlate is washable and reusable.

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