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The Futuristic Kitchen

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The Futuristic Kitchen
Photo Studio Rygalik/Design Boom

The kitchen of the future is a concept people have been fascinated by for decades. Countless films and novels have tackled the subject but the question still remains: what and how will people eat in the future?

Designers from the Warsaw-based Studio Rygalik have come up with their unique interpretation of this conundrum. They've designed a project which blends playfulness and utility.

Called The Kitchen, the furniture pieces are all multipurpose. For instace, you'll see tables with hanging bars for cured meats or clothes, a table top that can be used for cutting bread, and a standing salad bowl with an IV drip (if you happen to want to dress your salad that way).

Studio Rygalik also designed these unique baguette tables we featured a while ago - the designers seem to have an eye for the unconvetional and a passion for sustainable concepts.

Is this how we will eat in the future? Who knows! But this futuristic kitchen sure is a conversation starter. Wouldn't you say?

Via Design Boom

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