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The First Aid Kit For A Broken Heart

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The First Aid Kit For A Broken Heart
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The brokenhearted often find solace in chocolate or cope with their loss by having a drink or two. That's just what you'll find in this first aid kit for broken hearts called Love Hurts.

This brilliant kit is the work of graphic designer Melanie Chernock. The New York-based designer made sure the kit contained essentials like tissues, dark chocolate, vodka and painkillers.

Additional items to soften the blow of lost love include a bubble bath soap, a candle, candy hearts and an emotional CD.

What is great about Chernock's lovely kit is that it caters to a more common ocurrence than something like the Apocalypse - although there's a survial kit for that, too, complete with Mexican chocolate and Mayan liquor.

Watch the video below to see the Love Hurts kit in action. To learn more about Chernock and her other projects, check out her Behance profile

Via Behance
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