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The Cookbook You Can Eat

By FDL on

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The Cookbook You Can Eat

The edible cookbook is from the German design studio Korefe and is a real cookbook that teaches people how to make a classic lasagna. The main difference being that the book is the main ingredient of the dish. 

It was designed for the publishing house Gerstenberg and each page of the book is made from pasta, with each turn of the page revealing the next step required for making a lasagna.

After the book is finished, the recipe is complete and is ready to pop in the oven - leaving you with just enough time to grab a real book and read while you wait for your lasagna to come out leave the oven complete with a front cover...

Source Korefe via Design Boom 

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  • richardfrisbie said on

    Amazing and singularly practical - thanks! (Smart - if you like the recipe you have to buy the cookbook again!) I saw, tasted and smelled an edible book on the breakfasts of Madrid last year at the Salon del Gourmet in Madrid, Spain. Theirs was in color with photos and illustrations - truly amazing. I wrote about it and published photos here:
    but I never did learn the price. What does this one cost?

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