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The Energy Saving Doorless Refrigerator

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The Energy Saving Doorless Refrigerator
Photo Inhabitat

How many times did your parents hassle you about leaving the refrigerator open when you were growing up? Well, future generations can say goodbye to that problem thanks to a new invention: the doorless refrigerator.

Invented by Ben de la Roche, an industrial design student at Massey University in New Zealand, this ultra modern refrigerator takes the door completely out of the equation. Instead, food is stored in a refrigerated chamber covered by a honeycomb pattern.

The way the fridge works is simple: each honeycomb ''panel'' slides back when you insert food, activating refrigeration. The chamber is only activated when you place food inside, which helps conserve energy, according to Earth Techling.

An added bonus? Since you'll be able to see whats in the fridge you are more likely to use up leftovers which, in turn, helps reduce food waste. 

Ben designed the doorless refrigerator for an Electrolux Design Lab competition. It is too early to know if this design will hit the market but the prospect is exciting. In the meantime, you can always buy the refrigerator with (too much) brain.

Images via Inhabitat

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